Combayah “I like what you do” (Single)     © Warner/Wea

Rico&Bear “Dig It” (Single)                          © Gold Head Music

Kitsch “Lalela” (Single)                                © Gold Head Music

Mike Emelai “Let them be free” (Single)        © Hawk

Mike Emelai “Nerve” (Album)                        © Talking Music



E-Type “I just wanna be with you” (Rico&Bear Xplorer Club Mix)    © Stockholm Records

ChillyWhite & Kennyman “Feel so fine” (Rico&Bear Deep Bass Reggae Mix)   © Stockholm Records

Combayah “I like what you do” (Rico&Bear Club Mix)  © Warner/Wea

Combayah “I like what you do” (Rico&Bear Bombalero Dub) © Warner/Wea

Clark “Do with you” (Rico&Bear Superman Club Mix)   © Stockholm Records

Rico&Bear “Dig It” (Rico&Bear Nightshade Club)   © Gold Head Music

SolidBase “Let it all be sunshine” (Rico&Bear Happy House Mix)  © Remixed Records

Gent´s Club “Do it right” (Rico&Bear Bumpin` House Mix)   © Stockholm Records

Dublin Fair “Alien Cars” (Rico&Bear Venus and Mars Club Mix)  © Stockholm Records

Juice “With your life” (Rico & Bear Pumpin` Club Mix)    © Gold Head Music

Juice “With your life” (Rico & Bear Smokin` Dub)    © Gold Head Music