BTS Studio & Productions


BTS Studio was formed by Björn Stigsson in 1993 as an recording studio and music production company.

In 1993  to 1995  produced Björn together with Sonny Larsson two album with their group XT. “Taxfree” and “Extended Empire”

In 1995 Andreas Rickstrand started working with Björn. Both Björn and Andreas have a long musical background spinning from RnB to hardrock.   Andreas and Björn (formerly known as Rico & Bear) has produced groups and artistslike Rednex, Friends, Fame and Magnus Carlsson. They have also made remixes for amongst others E-Type, Charlotte and Solid Base.   In spring 2004 Andreas Rickstrand quit working at BTS Studios.

From 2016 BTS works with Björn Stigsson, XT and Leviticus records. Björn writes songs, producing, recording, mixing and mastering.

BTS has written, recording, produced, mixed and remixed music for artists like A-Teens, E-Type, Rednex, Merit Hemmingsson,Friends and the winners of   Melodifestivalen 2003,” Give me your love” with  Fame.








Unni Johansson/ Björn Stigsson:  Rise Up
© BTS Records



Leviticus ” Jag skall segra” , released 1983.
Remastered in BTS Studio by Björn Stigsson 2020  © BTS Records





XT – Revived ….standing for Jesus Christ   ©  Talking Music


Salem Moholms Lovsångsteam – Glädje & Hopp  © BTS Records



XT – Saved by the blood /Album)   ©  Talking Music



Björn Stigsson – A new beginning    ( Album)    ©  Talking Music


35 Years Anniversary- in His service    (Box, 4 Album & 1 DVD)  © Talking Music




Fame Factory “Volym 7″  (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Fame Factory “Volym 8″  (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon


Bäcklund, Simson & Novak “I gult o blått”   © Mariann Grammofon

Zero Kelvin ”Cafè Nostalgi”  (Album)





Fame Factory “Volym 3″  (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Fame Factory “Volym 4″  (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Fame Factory “Volym 5″  (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Fame Factory “Vol. 6″ (Album)    © Mariann Grammofon

Leviticus “Live At Bobfest 2003″ (Album)   © BTS Records

Fame “Give Me Your Love”  (Single)   © Mariann Grammofon

Fame “Give Me Your Love 2003″ (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Barbados “Hela himlen”  (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Andrés Esteche “Just Like a Boomerang” (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Emil Sigfridsson “Tillbaka Till Igår”  (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Melodifestivalen 2003 (Collection)   © Mariann Grammofon





Fame Factory “Christmas”  (Album)      © Mariann Grammofon

Fame Factory “Volym 2″  (Album)    © Mariann Grammofon

Merit Hemmingson “En plats i skogen” (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Merit Hemmingson “Ack du min längtan” (Single)   © Mariann Grammofon

Fame Factory “Volym 1″ (Album)   © Mariann Grammofon

Friends “Dance with me”  (Album)    © Mariann Grammofon

Friends “Dance with me”   (Single)   © Mariann Grammofon

Friends “The one that you need”   (Single)   © Mariann Grammofon

Barbados “Världen utanför”) Album     © Mariann Grammofon

Melodifestivalen 2002 (Collection)    © Mariann Grammofon

Kicki Bettan Lotta “Vem è det du vill ha” (Album)    © Mariann Grammofon

Javiera “Javiera”  (Album)    © Mariann Grammofon

Javiera “Will you remember me”  (Single)    © Mariann Grammofon

Ravellis Dream Team “I gult och blått” (Single)    © Mariann Grammofon



Javiera “Will you remember me” (Remix)

Friends “Dance with me”  (Remix)    © Mariann Grammofon





Friends “Listen to your heartbeat”  Album    © Marianne Grammofon

Friends ” I`d love you to want me” Singel   © Marianne Grammofon

Friends “When the music is gone” Singel    © Marianne Grammofon

Magnus Carlsson “En ny jul”  © Marianne Grammofon

Barbados “Collection 1994-2001″ Album  © Marianne Grammofon

Javiera “Spanish delight” Singel    © Marianne Grammofon

Rydell & Qvick   “Star”  Singel    © Marianne Grammofon




Tracks for tracks  (Remix collection)    © Marianne Grammofon


Rydell & Qvick  ”Star remix”     © Marianne Grammofon





Rednex “Where you gonna go”   © Jive/Zomba

Dee “Want you to go”   © Stockholm Records

Dee “Slow down”     © Stockholm Records


Linda “Drömmar”    © Mariann Grammofon

Jeanette “Bubbles” (Album)




A-Teens “Dancing Queen” (BTS Gold Edition Mix)   © Stockholm Records


1 st Class “She drives me crazy)     © Stockholm Records





A-Teens “Happy New Year” (Single)   © Stockholm Records

A-Teens “Mamma Mia” (Spanish version)  © Stockholm Records

A-Teens “Dame, Dame, Dame”  (Spanish version)  © Stockholm Records

Di-Mico “All I wanna do” (Single)   © Polygram

Charizma “Run to God”

Cool James & Black Teacher “Doctor Feelgood” (Single)   © Arcade

Combayah ”Sweet Kisses” (Single)   © Warner Music

HeadBug “Gettoblaster” (Single)   © Stockholm Records



A-Teens “Happy New Year”   (Extended remix)   © Stockholm Records

Charlotte “Tusen och en natt”  (Dance remix by Rico & Bear)   © Marianne Grammofon

Di-Mico “I like the idea”
(Rico & Bear Spanish cafe mix)
(Rico & Bear Latino Cover mix)
(Rico & Bear Cafe mix)    © Universal music

Di-Mico “All I Wanna Do”
(Ibiza 99 Club Mix)
(Crazy Techno Mix)   © Polygram

Cool James & Black Teacher “Doctor Feelgood”
(Extended by Rico & Bear)
(Instrumental remix)   © Arcade

Headbug ”Gettoblaster”   (Extended by Rico & Bear)   © Stockholm Records

Lucas “Växeln Hallå”   © Marianne Grammofon

Lasse Holm “Canneloni Macaroni”   © Marianne Grammofon

Van Eijk “Breakout”  (RnB High Energy mix)   © Mercury





Fucking Åmål “Soundtrack” (Album)   © Metronome

Tunis “Drivin`me crazy”  © Fire Brigade

Combayah “Fantasy Dreamworld” (Album)  © Warner/Wea

Combayah “Fantasy Dreamworld” (Single)  © Warner/Wea



Combayah “Fantasy Dreamworld” (Funny Bunny Ridemix)  © Warner/Wea

Combayah “Fantasy Dreamworld” (House Remix)   © Warner/Wea

Combayah “Fantasy Dreamworld” (Power Dance Mix)   © Warner/Wea

Combayah “I like what you do” (Rico&Bear Bombalero Dub)   © Warner/Wea

Combayah “I like what you do” (Latin Version)   © Warner Music/WEA/EastWest

Solid Base “Ticket to fly” (One Way Ticket Remix)   © Remixed Records

Sonic Dream “Pray” (Rico & Bear Dance Mix)   © Remixed Records

Jonas “Parta lite granna” (Heavy Party Mix)   © Stockholm Records

Sazzy “Here we go” (Rico & Bear Deep Inside Remix)   © Stockholm Records





Combayah “I like what you do” (Single)     © Warner/Wea

Rico&Bear “Dig It” (Single)                          © Gold Head Music

Kitsch “Lalela” (Single)                                © Gold Head Music

Mike Emelai “Let them be free” (Single)        © Hawk

Mike Emelai “Nerve” (Album)                        © Talking Music



E-Type “I just wanna be with you” (Rico&Bear Xplorer Club Mix)    © Stockholm Records

ChillyWhite & Kennyman “Feel so fine” (Rico&Bear Deep Bass Reggae Mix)   © Stockholm Records

Combayah “I like what you do” (Rico&Bear Club Mix)  © Warner/Wea

Combayah “I like what you do” (Rico&Bear Bombalero Dub) © Warner/Wea

Clark “Do with you” (Rico&Bear Superman Club Mix)   © Stockholm Records

Rico&Bear “Dig It” (Rico&Bear Nightshade Club)   © Gold Head Music

SolidBase “Let it all be sunshine” (Rico&Bear Happy House Mix)  © Remixed Records

Gent´s Club “Do it right” (Rico&Bear Bumpin` House Mix)   © Stockholm Records

Dublin Fair “Alien Cars” (Rico&Bear Venus and Mars Club Mix)  © Stockholm Records

Juice “With your life” (Rico & Bear Pumpin` Club Mix)    © Gold Head Music

Juice “With your life” (Rico & Bear Smokin` Dub)    © Gold Head Music





Mike Emelai “I`m on fire” (Single)      © Talking Music

CJ Massive “My pastaway love” (Single)  © MCA

Mike Emelai “I like what you do” (Single)  © Talking Music

LeftOvers “OJ is OK” (Compilation)   © Fire Brigade

Dr. Frankenstein “Smoke on the water” (Compilation)   © EMI

Batziba “Summer Holiday” (Compilation)   © RnB Songs

CJ Massive “Can we do some little jumpin`” (Single)   © Mr Cool Records

Cool James “Soft like a pillow” (Album track)  © Stockholm Records




XT – Extended empire

All songs by Björn Stigsson and Sonny Larsson.

Produced by Björn Stigsson and Sonny Larsson

Recorded and mixed at BTS Studio by Björn Stigsson

Viva Records  ©




Batziba “Hold on” (Single)

Remixar:  Batziba “Hold on” (Brian McKay`s Jungle Blues)    Batziba “Hold on” (World Attack Mix)

MDC Records ©




XT – Taxfree

All songs by Björn Stigsson and Sonny Larsson
Produced by Björn Stigsson and Sonny Larsson.
Recorded and mixed at BTS Studio.
Engineered by Björn Stigsson
Mixed by Peo Pettersson

Viva Records Sweden and Zero Corp. Japan ©