Summer 2016






1988 – 1989

LA 1989 recording “Knights of Heaven” at                                            In Chicago 1988 with a friend from South Africa.
Pacaderm Studio with producers John and Dino

In Moskow 1988 on tour with Leviticus.

My wife Ann-Louise in Florida 1989.                                                My children Petra, Hanna and Jonatan 1988.

To Bahamas 1989.                                                                                     Together with my Hanna in Hjo.

Leviticus and some friends in Australia. The Australian tour 1989.

In London 1988  with Leviticus.

In Hamburg, Europe tour 1988 with Leviticus.                                    My wife and my daugters  Hanna and Petra.

In Florida 1989.                                                  Together with my son Jonatan.