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XT Story

  • XT was founded in 1991 by Björn Stigsson (Leviticus) & Sonny Larsson (Motherlode) 

  • The band debuted the following year with the self-titled album “XT”, which was a melodic hard rock album. 

  • The next album was released in 1993 with the title “Taxfree”. The band now chose
    a ’heavier’ sound, without sacrificing the powerful melodies.
    The song ”The Silent Cry” from Taxfree was awarded as the most powerful song
    of the year by Aftonbladet.
    Sweden’s biggest evening newspaper with 3,5 million readers. 

  • XT’s third album “Extended Empire” was released in 1995 and the band now chose
    an even more ’heavier’ and more experimental sound. By the end of 1995,
    XT made their last performance (we thought) and have not been active for
    the last 22 years.
    The XT albums were released worldwide and sold very well, especially in Japan. 

  • In the spring of 2017 the band announced their come- back and at the end of
    October their album “Saved By The Blood” was released.
    This is an album with heavy sound and powerful melodies.


  • The single “I will follow You” and the video for this song was released.

  • In April 2019 the new album “Revived – Standing for Jesus Christ”. was released.
    The material was selected from the band’s first three records and was recorded
    again with the current line-up. The perfect introduction for those who haven’t
    heard of XT




XT Members:

Sonny Larsson Vocals
Björn Stigsson Guitars/Keyboards/Moog Taurus
Peter Carlsohn Bass/Moog Taurus
Danne Tibell Hammond/Keyboard
Thomas Weinesjö Drums



Former Members:

Håkan Andersson – bass (-1993)
P-O Larsson – bass (1993–1995)
John Stark – bass (1995)
Michael Ulvsgärd – drums (-1993)
Kjell Andersson – drums (1995)
Nicklas Edberger – keyboard (1993-1995)
Mick Nordström – Drums (1993-1994 & 2017 – 2018)




We Belive that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

Noone comes to the Father except through Him!