XT – Taxfree


1. Chaos
2. The One
3. Face to face
4. My first morning
5. Got love
6. The Silent Cry
7. Carry on
8. The false prophet
9. Sign of the time
10. Walk in shadows
11. One way to heaven
12. Paradise

All songs by Björn Stigsson and Sonny Larsson

Produced by Björn Stigsson and Sonny Larsson.                                                                                                                               Recorded and mixed at BTS Studio.
Engineered by Björn Stigsson
Mixed by Peo Pettersson

Sonny Larsson; All vocals
Björn Stigsson; Keyboards and all guitars
Niklas Johnsson; Keyboards
Mick Nordström; Drums
P-O Larsson: Bass

Viva Records Sweden and Zero Corp. Japan